MS-11 Anthroengineering, a Mechanical Perspective
MS-12 Biomechanics and Mechanobiology from the Molecule- to the Organ-Scale
MS-13 Inverse Modelling and Uncertainty Quantification in Biomechanics
Computational Mechanics
MS-21 Computational Modelling of Fracture in Brittle and Quasi-brittle Materials
MS-22 Advances in Material Point Methods: Accuracy, Efficiency and Benchmarking
Uncertainty Quantification and Data-Driven Science and Engineering
MS-31 Data-Driven Modelling and Machine Learning for Engineering Applications
MS-32 Uncertainty Quantification in Engineering Mechanics: Theory, Methods, and Practice
Design and Analysis of Next Generation Engineered Materials
MS-41 Architected Materials: Advances in Modelling, Design, Fabrication, Characterization, and Applications
MS-42 Adaptable, Responsive Construction Materials: from Self-Healing to Applied Microbiology
MS-43 Mechanics of Smart Active Materials with Multi-physics Coupling or Advanced Microstructure
MS-44 Science and Technology of Building Materials from Waste
Mechanics of Granular Materials and Coupled Systems
MS-51 Constitutive and Numerical Modelling in Geotechnics and Granular Dynamics
MS-52 Analysis and Methods for the Simulation of Deformation, Failure and Coupled Processes Across Scales
MS-53 Characterisation and Modelling of Particle Shape
Mechanics of Materials
MS-61 The Link Between Composition, Structure, and Physical Properties of Materials
MS-62 Soft Matter Mechanics
MS-63 Advances in Creep and Relaxation Mechanics
MS-64 Reinforced Concrete and Rock Structures: Degradation and Prevention of Failure
Mechanics of Structural Components and Systems
MS-71 Structural Instabilities: From Failure to Function
MS-72 Advances on the Numerical Modelling of Masonry Structures
MS-73 The Mechanics of Thin Sheets, from Origami and Kirigami to Creasing and Wrinkling
MS-74 Adaptive and Controllable Modular Structures
Structural Health Monitoring, Sustainability and Resiliency
MS-81 Fluid-Structure Interaction in Structural Engineering and Health Monitoring
MS-82 Objective Resilience Management: Trends and Case Studies
MS-83 Vibration-based Monitoring of Dynamic Systems