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Digital Learning SIG Events on Sharing Practice

The Digital Learning SIG is continuing to host live events on practice in online and blended learning throughout the academic year. Everyone who teaches is welcome to join, and can watch recordings of previous sessions as well as participate in

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Module templates for 2020-21

After the rapid switch to online learning and teaching in the Easter term, staff and students have learned a lot about what is possible as well as what it like to be an online learner and teacher. Based on these …

2020 Three Minute Thesis Competition (3MT)

The ® 3MT is an academic speaking competition developed by the University of Queensland, Australia. The Three Minute Thesis challenges doctoral candidates to present a compelling spoken presentation on their research topic and its significance in just three minutes.

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Completing Your Doctorate – Online Workshop May 2020

By John Leach, Theology PhD, St John’s College.

A famous psychologist – I don’t know which one, I’m doing theology! – apparently said that the greatest fear which we all have is that we’ll be found out to be complete …

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Creative Chemists: Strategies for Teaching and Learning

By Simon Rees

Head of Researcher Development and Education Development

Creativity is not a word often associated with chemistry or with the sciences more generally.  We are familiar with “the Creative Arts” and can readily bring to mind works of …

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6 tips for completing a PhD at Durham University

By Alexander Abichou

PhD student

The prospect of spending multiple years on a single piece of work can be an overwhelming prospect for even the most astute students at Durham so, as someone nearing the end of that road, I …

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How do you collect and manage your references?

By Teresa Henley

IT Trainer


There is specialist software to make your life easier and save you time. Endnote will help you to speed up the process and allow you to add your citations into your Word document as …

DCAD MA Students Graduate

By Philip Nathan

Head of MA Programmes

The January graduation ceremony marked the formal process of graduation for DCAD’s MA students.  Six students from last year’s MA TESOL/Applied Linguistics for TESOL group, who had all travelled from China and were …

Thinking about evidence

By Sarah Dodds

IT Trainer

On 5th December the Oriental Museum hosted a session “Thinking about evidence” for the postgraduate research students. Students were given objects from the museum’s handling collection and asked what they could deduce from them, whether …

Postgraduates plan their escape!

By Dr Simon Rees

Head of Researcher Development

Since October, a group of postgraduates from across the University have been designing Escape Rooms based within the Oriental Museum. Themed around spies and Pharaohs, the postgraduates were challenged with designing a …