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Decolonising the Curriculum

During academic year 20/21 DCAD is supporting the University in a project to Decolonise the Curriculum.

The call to decolonise universities across the global North has gained significant momentum in recent years. Notable examples include the Rhodes Must Fall Oxford …

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Module templates for 2020-21

After the rapid switch to online learning and teaching in the Easter term, staff and students have learned a lot about what is possible as well as what it like to be an online learner and teacher. Based on these …

Microsoft building

Attention! What I learned from three days in bootcamp

In February I attended the Microsoft bootcamp for education, or to give it its full title – takes a deep breath – The Microsoft Professional Development and Training Bootcamp for Further and Higher Education. This event brought together a mix …

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Keeping student data safe

Third party apps – keeping your data safe

On the 28th of January we held our first meeting of the  DCAD Education Lab Journal Club. It was nice to see a few faces from outside DCAD in attendance too. The discussion was based around two articles:

  1. McKie, A

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Content has lost it’s crown: communication is now king/queen

By Dr Malcolm Murray

Head of Digital Learning

As October drew to a close, I headed down to Keele University to the 2019 Keele Digital Festival. This was organised by Keele University’s Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence – KIITE

DCAD Collaborative Grants

We’re pleased to announce the launch of their first call for applications for the Collaborative Grants, operated by DCAD’s Education Laboratory. This new and exciting grant scheme is designed to support staff across Durham University to develop innovative and inclusive …

Using Immersive Realities to Unlock Intercultural Communication

In the post Dr Sam Nolan, DCAD Assistant Director, discusses a trip to discuss using immersive realities in learning and teaching with colleagues in the US.

During my recent trip to the States to speak at the International Society for

Lego® Serious Play®

Lego® Serious Play® is a methodology to help answer tricky or difficult questions, through using Lego® bricks to develop models as metaphors for the problem and solutions you’re trying to find. In the short video below, DCAD Assistant Director, Dr …