Schengen Visa

Whilst doing your PhD in the UK you may wish to travel to Europe (for a conference or workshop). If you do plan to travel to Europe you may need to apply for a visa. The Schengen visa permits its holder to pass freely through any of the Schengen Member States on a short term basis. There are 25 European States participating in the Schengen Agreement. For more info:

Applications should be made to the Embassy or Consulate (in the UK) of the country that you wish to visit. For more information please check the website of the Embassy/Embassies of the country/countries you wish to visit (


Please note:

  • make sure to provide the originals of the student letter you can obtain from the Online Document Store (please indicate purpose (academic) of your visit to get a waiver for the Online Document Store fee).
  • make sure to obtain travel insurance from a third party (e.g. through the post office) for – at least – the whole duration of your visit (as Embassies only accept private travel insurance applied in the whole Schengen Area).
  • if you think your stay in Europe needs exquisite elaboration, don’t forget that you have the right to compile an intention letter attached to your application.