Durham GCRF-CDT Templates and Logos

For the GCRF-CDT presentations/posters we would ask you to use both the Durham University logo and the GCRF logo. The preferred application of the logos is to place the Durham University logo in the top left and to place the GCRF logo at the top right.

Please follow the Durham University Brand identity guidelines: https://www.dur.ac.uk/brand/local/logos/

you can download the Durham University full colour logo:


The Durham University PowerPoint Templates can be found under ‘communications Tools’ in the below link:



Please find the GCRF branding guidelines below:



If you would like to use the Sustainable Development Goals logo (you can only use it without the UN emblem), you will need to conform to the guidelines of the UN Department of Global Communications:


Below the link to download any of the Non-UN-emblem Susatinable Debvelopment Goals logos: