Ramesh Shrestha


Ramesh comes from the beautiful Himalayan country of Nepal. His passion to work in Disaster Risk Management (DRM) began soon after completing his Master’s Degree in Environmental Sciences from Tribhuvan University, Nepal in 2012, when he took up a position at the NGO Mercy Corps. Since then, he has worked with various organizations focussing on community based disaster risk reduction projects that try to help communities who live with hazardous conditions such as floods, earthquakes and landslides in many different parts of Nepal.

Ramesh joined Durham University in February 2019 to pursue his PhD, which focusses on the interconnections between culture and landslide risk. His past experience as a DRM practitioner includes working with communities on vulnerability capacity assessments, the development of community based flood and landslide early warning systems, community based climate change adaptation and disaster risk management planning, and community based advocacy for DRM. After completing his doctoral research, Ramesh aspires to continue working with marginalized communities and policy makers to contribute achieving sustainable results in DRM in Nepal and beyond.


Department of Geography

PhD Project

Exploring synergies and opportunities at the interface between culture, ritual and science for landslide risk reduction

The aim of this PhD is to understand the relationship between cultures, political, economic and social factors influencing landslide vulnerability and risk reduction and co-produce landslide early warning systems in one of the most landslide prone districts of Nepal. The project will work with Tamang ethnic groups, which are amongst the most marginalize and vulnerable groups to landslides in Nepal.





Supervisory Team

Prof. Nick Rosser (Department of Geography)

Dr. Ben Campbell (Department of Anthropology)

Dr. Katie Oven (Department of Geography)

Dr. Megh Nath Dhital (Central Department of Geology, Tribhuvan University)

Dr. Mukta S. Tamang  (Central Department of Anthropology, Tribhuvan University)