Training Programme

The Durham Global Challenges Center for Doctoral Training, will provide training for the international GCRF-CDT  students, and will provide them with advanced research skills, as well as established capability for working in an international development context. A bespoke program of generic skills training to support the students is also developed, focussed on the Researcher Development Programme. The training will also include input from external partners such as NGOs and experienced external speakers, alongside a wide programme of seminars and events. Students will be provided with RTSG (training) support, as well as an exchange as part of their project with an overseas DAC nation university. Training will include cohort-based interactive activities to share learning across the cohort.

The Centre will also coordinate and provide training to academics and relevant support staff. A programme to support the supervisors of the GCRF-CDT students has been developed, these sessions are also used as an opportunity to share practice in each of the areas discoursed.